About High Point Camp

Here is the summer 2014 parent / Camper information package , click on the link to download  HPC Opening-Package-2014

Registration Day

High Point Camp (HPC) is a co-op run day camp in existence for more than fifty years.  The camp was started by parents who wanted a place for their children to enjoy their summer vacations.  HPC is still overseen by a volunteer board of executives made up of parents who send their children to the camp.

983977_340185446111082_1250101840_nWe are very excited to welcome our new full time director Josh (Camp) Campbell (High Point Alumnus). Josh lives and breathes camp. He has spent the past 19 years as camper, counsellor and section head at various camps. He is currently finishing up a Bachelor’s degree of education at the University of  Ottawa. His focus is on building a full time career as camp director.

With summer 2014 quickly approaching the HPC board has been working hard to ensure that this will be the best summer ever! There will be lots of new things at High Point Camp this summer:





Sign the kids up for the time of their lives.

High Point Camp offers an exciting summer camp experience that focuses on fun, adventure, learning and creativity in a safe & cooperative environment.

It is a place where young people can be physically active outdoors while acquiring new skills, building self confidence and establishing lasting friendships.




HPC is situated in Saint-Agathe-North on Lac Magnan near Petit-Lac-Long in the Laurentian mountains – just over one hour north of Montreal.

  • Camp dates: Monday, June 30th , 2014 to Friday, August 15th, 2014

  • Location: Lac Magnan (near Petit-Lac-Long) in Saint-Agathe-North, just one hour north of Montreal

  • Campers: between 75 and 150 campers ranging in ages from 3 to 14 years old

  • Registration: by the day, week, month, or session!

  • Certified Lifeguards, Daily free swims in the lake

  • Programming highlights: theme days, overnights, talent show, carnival, banquet, waterslides…