Past Directors

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2011 Director: Mitch Leibovitch
Assistant Director: Cori Goldman
2010 Director: Mitch Leibovitch
Assistant Director: Cori Goldman, Noah Segal
2009 Co-Directors: Kylie Dorfman, Jason Sinyor
2008 Director: Jason Berke
Head of Seniors: Shane Goldman
Head of Juniors: Jason Sinyor
2007 Jessica Hutkins
Assistant Director: Jason Berke
2005-2006 Samara Hutkins and Jesse Krolik
2006 Apprentice: Jessica Hutkins
2004 Samara Hutkins, Jesse Krolik & Michelle Brenhouse
2003 Michal Mouallem
Assistant Director: Jesse Krolik
2001-2002 Jeremy Adler
2002 Assistant Director: Samara Hutkins
2001-2002: Apprentice: Jesse Krolik
2000 Deb Trager and Jesse Prupas


Debbie Finkelberg and Jeff Schok
1996 Don Mawhinney
Assistant Director: Annie Masse
1995 Tracy and Laura
1994 David Howard
Assistant Director: Nini Spunt
1992-1993 Jodine Hoffman and Steven Small
1991 Lisa Saros

Lisa and Trifon Saros

1987-1989 Randi Greenberg and Buddy Rapapport
1986 Jamie Rappaport and Shelly Surkis
1985 ???
1983-1984 (?) Shari Segal
1981-1982 Nathalie Feldman and Robbie Libman
1980 Peggy Hoffman
1978-1979 Nancy Riven and Jeff Wachman
1976-1977 Norman Hoffman
1975 Alan Conter
1974 Hinda Levine
1973 David Conter
1972 Donald Riven
1971 Helmut Brinkmeyer
1968-1970 Ron Booth
Andy Toeman
Sharon Hoffman (?)
1965 -??? Director: Martin Goldenberg