Our History


High Point Camp was started over 50 years ago around Petit Lac Long, near Ste-Agathe, Quebec. A group of mothers wanted to keep the children up north for the summer busy with waterfront, sports and craft activities. When the camp moved to its current spot, rented from the High Point Camp Landowners Association, the camp became what it is today, a day camp for the local children. The upgrades made to the land and the buildings recently include the parking lot, the Artesian well, a new roof for the barn and camp house, new kayaks and sports equipment, and a rebuilt A&C bunk. It continues to be run by a committee of parents who send their children to High Point, and the camp continues to need volunteers for its upkeep, from staff hiring to purchasing and maintenance. There are already second-generation campers coming to High Point, and many of the staff were once campers as well.

As it is said in the camp song, “High Point Camp, hats off to thee!”