Most of High Point’s families are from Montreal and move up north to the country during  the summer to spend their vacation in the beautiful and peaceful Laurentians. 

High Point receives quite a few out-of-town campers as well, many from Toronto and Florida, whose parents tend to be native Montrealers.  Since the camp has been in existence since – give or take a few years – 1957, many of today’s campers are second generation High Pointers.

Families may register for camp for the full season, and also on a weekly basis – over one hundred different families attend High Point during the summer.  On average, we have 70 campers a week in the first half of the summer, and we usually grow to over 120 campers in the later weeks.  More than 40 campers usually register for the entire summer.  Campers are split according to their age and gender into bunks of ten to fifteen.

Do you want to be a camper at High Point?  Check out the Registration Section for more information about dates, fees, and the most recent regulations and restrictions regarding registration.

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