A typical day at camp

9:45 AM:  Campers begin to arrive


  • 10:00 AM:  Bunk Lines

  • 10:15 AM:  Morning Activities

  • 12:00 PM:  Lunch

  • 12:30 PM:  Afternoon Activities

  • 2:30 PM:  Free Swim

  • 3:30 PM:  End of Free Swim

  • 3:45 PM:  Circle Time

  • 4:00 PM:  End of the Day

Campers attend camp during the weekdays and are divided into bunks according to their age and gender.  After the whole camp says good morning during Bunk Lines, each group follows their own daily schedule and plays a multitude of activities.

Sports are enjoyed on our extensive sport fields – including, a sanded volleyball court, a basketball court, a baseball field and a hockey/rollerblading rink.  There’s also a super playground for the younger campers.  On cooler days, indoor games are played in our barn and various bunk houses.  There’s also a well stocked Arts-and-Crafts and a boat house, which sits overlooking our sandy beach, lake, docks and raft.   

Each bunk has instructional swim, arts and crafts, and canoeing about three times a week.  Every day ends with free swim in the lake (sometimes whole afternoon-long “beach days” for those scorchers), which is followed by a camp-wide circle time to say goodbye.

We are very flexible in our scheduling and aim to accommodate the preferences of each individual group. 

High Point ends every week with a special Theme Day on Friday when the campers enjoy some unique programming and activities.  Also, throughout the summer, interesting guests are invited into camp for a special treat.  Past guests include a cartoonist, a mad scientist, and even a humongous snake…who comes with her handler, of course.  Furthermore, each bunk goes out of camp for special excursions like water-sliding.  Older bunks (6 and up) get the opportunity to spend a whole night away from home at their annual overnight – and the younger ones have their own very special “undernight.”  At the end of the summer, High Point hosts its annual Banquet – campers and staff return to camp in the evening for dinner and special evening activities.  The night often ends with families curled up around a large bon-fire.  Families are invited into camp other times over the summer for some special entertainment – most memorable are our annual Carnival and Talent Show.